What’s been on your mind today?

See how accurately you can answer these questions about what’s been on your mind today:

What was on your mind when you woke up today?  What thoughts can you remember that you’ve had today?  How many times did you catch your thoughts leading on to other thoughts without you realising?  How many of your thoughts were you thinking without your permission today?  How many of these thoughts were negative or not useful?  Where in your body has your thoughts had any impact today?  Did you have repetitive thoughts today?

It’s worth knowing what’s on your mind and staying in tune with your thought patterns.  If you pay attention and discover you don’t like them you have the opportunity to replace them with positive, uplifting thoughts.  Having a choice is always better than being on automatic pilot, being driven to many unwanted destinations. Become mindful, get back in the drivers seat of your mind and choose your destinations.

A great mindfulness practice is catching your thoughts in the present moment without engaging with them.  Without asking why, or judging them, just watch them.  Pay attention to how your thinking makes you feel.  Check your body, does your heart beat faster, do you have butterflies in your stomach or do you feel tight in your shoulders or have a pain in your neck?  Get to know what’s on your mind and how it impacts how you feel. Thoughts create feelings, even when they’re not true.

Why not set an alarm and try bringing your attention to your thoughts for 5- 10 minutes a day for a week and see what you discover about what’s on your mind.  It can be done anywhere at any time, even whilst doing housework. #BeingMindfulMatters #AwarenessCreatesOpportunities #GoldenMindGoldenLife #ExperiencetheBenefits #YouAreWorthy #ChooseYourDestinations #WellbeingSpecialist

One thought on “What’s been on your mind today?”

  1. Hi Jai ,

    I’m think positively about a job that I have a interview for it tomorrow morning. I have great feeling about the service and where o can go on this service .
    Thank you for all the positive work you helped me with the other day .

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