We have a winner

We’re happy to have a winner of the Summer Giveaway as well as a generous discount for all Subcribers if you book your spot by this Sunday the 9th of December, you can save $100. 🌟🌟 Tia Heffernan 🌟🌟🌟 Big congratulations to you.       Booking form

Summer Giveaway Time 🌞

ONLY 5 DAYS TO ENTER 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 To say thank you for your support, we’re giving away a FREE place in our upcoming Mindfulness Retreat in Mount Martha on Sunday 20th January 2019. Valued at $299. To have a chance to win this awesome prize, be subscribed to Being Mindful Matters by 30/11/2018!  Yes, it’s that […]

Wise Words to Ponder SERIES

Wise words to ponder “Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others; to achieve enlightenment for the benefit […]

Have you downloaded your free ticket for this weekends Mind Body Spirit Festival?

Reconnect to your mind, body and spirit. Try a mini wellbeing coaching session with Jai, get yourself and your loved ones some beautiful Blessing Cards to add to your mindfulness toolbox. Special Offers available to book yourself into the upcoming Mindfulness One Day Retreat at Mount Martha on Sunday 20th January 2019. Flyer Part One […]

How do you face uncertainty in life?

Did you know the power of mindfulness with the understanding of the nature of the mind, can free you from the fear, worry, anxiety and suffering experienced from facing uncertainty in life? As uncertainty is always going to be part of our lives, it pays to learn how to protect your heart and mind and […]

Wise words to ponder

Trouble switching off?

If you are someone who has a little, or a lot of trouble switching off from your work, or worries then listen deeply to these wise words from Dr Craig Hassed (Author of The Essence of Health: The Seven Pillars of Wellbeing), “You can switch off a machine, you can switch off an email, you […]

Being Mindful about Young People and Technology

I highly recommend the training on  YOUNG PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY I attended today, facilitated by Juliet Summers and Mary Lancaster.  The training and resources given to us today were invaluable, and I strongly believe all schools need to do this course with people as experienced and knowledgeable as Juliet and Mary.  It definitely highlighted how […]

You’re Invited to a Mindfulness & Meditation Retreat in the beautiful Dandenongs

Dear friend of Being Mindful Matters, Jai from Being Mindful Matters warmly invites you to the One Day Retreat ‘Experience the Beauty of Autumn Within’  in the heart of the beautiful Dandenongs at the Kumbada Studio.  It really is a retreat you won’t want to miss. Morning tea, lunch and a 28 page colour Guidebook […]

Mix it up in the mornings

For the last five years our family have enjoyed a couple of weeks staying in Red Rocks, Phillip Island over the Christmas break.  On our most recent trip we decided to stay in the heart of Cowes and booked ourselves an apartment directly opposite the beach with a big balcony that overlooked the ocean. Having […]

Saying no this Christmas for the greater good

Oh, my Belle or Luca would love that toy, Isha would love that jewellery and look gorgeous in that outfit I hear myself saying as I wonder around the shops. The struggle is real to want to over buy, especially at Christmas time. Although I know most of the ‘stuff’ that is making me goo […]

Mindfulness Series for Kids 5-17yrs~Expressions of interest are now open

We are delighted to announce that expressions of interest are now open for the fabulous Being Mindful Matters ‘Mindfulness Series for Kids’, for 5-17 year olds.  This unique series introduces children to mindfulness, meditation and mindful communication in a practical and fun way, supporting them to build and maintain a healthy and happy perspective of […]

RU OK? Matters #OnePeople

Today is RU OK? day, which came to be after Gavin Larkin lost his much-loved father Barry Larkin to suicide.  As too many other families and friends have experienced after losing a loved one to suicide,  whilst grieving their loss they are left facing endless questions. It was in 2009, when Gavin Larkin chose to […]

Melt your heart moments

Can you remember the last time you had a ‘Melt your heart moment?’ I enjoyed a ‘melt your heart moment’ yesterday when I was out enjoying the sunshine with my youngest daughter Belle. After playing pirates and swinging around like monkeys in a local park we practiced some yoga in the sun.  Just as I […]

Cultivating Gratitude

Possibly the most important question to ask yourself when you’re feeling down or to stay in a positive state is “What am I grateful for?” Something you may not know about gratitude is even thinking about what you are grateful for increases the serotonin production in the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC).   The ACC lies […]

Stronger and brighter together

A little prayer on this beautiful Winters evening. May the vision of a flame burning brightly remind us of our spirit within. To teach us that we are stronger and brighter together. To know we are not merely made up of skin and bones, it is our spirit that makes us who we are. To remind us to show reverence for this gift of life we have […]

Relaxation & Meditation Classes

Imagine yourself deeply relaxed, having thoroughly enjoyed a guided relaxation, gentle stretches, and a guided meditation, where you were able to let go of the worries, stresses and anything else that no longer serves you. Is it your time to experience the benefits for yourself? Welcome to the new Being Mindful Matters Friday night classes in Wallan ‘Experience the Benefits […]

Gratitude; the bath for the heart

Here I sit in Gratitude, looking at this picture taken of myself with the beautiful Monk who had given me a blessing at Tanah Lot Temple last year. It brings up a happy memory of when my Meditation Teacher described gratitude as the bath for the heart.  Just  hearing her words lit up my heart. Gratitude truly […]

Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop in Wallan 10th June 2017

Another awesome day in Wallan with more awesome people.  Here are some of the happy participants from the Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop in Wallan. All participants are looking forward to their next Workshop at Being Mindful Matters.  

Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop – 3rd June 2017

Here are some of the awesome women who participated in the launch of #BeingMindfulMatters Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops in Wallan. The feedback was extremely positive. Everyone is now looking forward to the next part of their journey with Being Mindful Matters, wanting to do more of the ‘Awakening to Your Own Awesomeness Program’.

Thoughts and behaviours validate your stories

Would you like to learn how to stay steady when dealing with a difficult situation, see things clearer, make conscious choices and reduce stress? Give yourself or a loved one a gift of a lifetime full of opportunities, by booking a Wellbeing Specialist @Being Mindful Matters.  Be supported to develop and apply the skills and practice of non-judgemental awareness and acceptance of the present moment […]

Not the situation but the stories

Power is in the Now

Learn to be present in the Now, it’s by far the most powerful place to be.  #BreatheDeeply #ItIsAsItIs #LearnToBeMindful #JudgementCreatesPain #StepBackFromYourMind #BeingMindfulMatters

As good on the inside

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere you will know that it’s not good for you to exist on junk food and be a lazy inactive person.  You will pay the price with poor health,  and are likely to put on excess weight.  According to an article published on 7/1/2015 at news.com.au THE nation’s obsession with beating […]

Story telling

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good story. Being in the company of a good story teller is gold. Listening to stories and telling stories, are both right up there, out of the many wonderful, simple things life offers that I most treasure. Telling stories has always been a powerful way of educating, inspiring, using imagination, […]

Surprise a loved one and send them a letter

Imagine how your loved one will feel when they go to their letter box expecting a hand full of bills and find amongst them your beautiful hand written letter.  It’s sure to put a big smile on their face and in their heart.  

Goodness is everywhere

Different types of Coaching

There are many different types of coaching and titles for people working with others in a coaching capacity, which can get confusing.  A Wellbeing Coach primarily works with people to strengthen their emotional, intellectual, spiritual and mental growth and wellbeing. What type of coaching is available with Jai @ Being Mindful Matters?  

Is it the right time?

At what time is it the right time to stop and have a good think about things and evaluate your life? I don’t mean how much superannuation you have, but how to make the most of your time here and be truly happy.  How happy are you now?  Where do you want to be in the future, and why?  How is doing ‘that’ […]

Is there enough sleep happening in your house?

Are your sleep patterns supporting or stopping you to function at your best?  We all know how much better we feel when we make the effort to get enough sleep for ourselves and our children, and we also know It’s way too easy to fall into bad sleeping habits.

Sleep Deprivation in Teens (Source: Brian Engelbrecht)


How do you relate to stress?

Why do some people suffer more than others during the same stressful situation?  How many times have you stressed yourself out over things that in hindsight aren’t that important in your life? What are your children learning from you about how to manage stress during difficult situations? How different could your life be if you knew […]

What’s been on your mind today?

See how accurately you can answer these questions about what’s been on your mind today: What was on your mind when you woke up today?  What thoughts can you remember that you’ve had today?  How many times did you catch your thoughts leading on to other thoughts without you realising?  How many of your thoughts were you thinking without your permission today?  How […]

Sitting under a tree

When was the last time you enjoyed sitting under a tree? Touching the grass, and feeling it on your skin? Allowing yourself to be grounded by nature. Trees provide us with so much more than oxygen, food, shade, shelter, cubby houses, places to play and be creative, they also provide a place for us to […]

Be mindful; every mindful step counts

Would you like to learn how to be calm and stay centered in a moment that would usually cause you stress? When people practice mindfulness they spend less time in the part of the brain that mull over the old stories that keep us stuck in the past.  Many people don’t recognise that even subtle thoughts can cause […]

Escape the worried mind

When you practice being established in the heart, when difficult times arise you know your way back.  Mindfulness practices allow you to detach from the worried mind. #Peacefulmind #BreatheDeeply #Detachfromworry #BeCourageous #ProtectedByYourHeart #BeingMindfulMatters Reward yourself by connecting to the inner spring of Love that is already inside you. #Selflove #CompassionateHeart #SearchWithin #Escapetheworriedmind#Rejoiceinyourheart #BeingMindfulMatters  

Separating the intelligent from the wise

Imagine your life lived to the fullest, with no regrets, where you have given it all you’ve got and chased down every dream. Was it hard to imagine?  Have you stopped believing, given up on yourself, and settled for anything less?  Do you think you have plenty of time to do that later, and later never comes?  As the […]

Making time for a cuppa with a friend

One of the many things I learned growing up from my amazing female role models, being my two beautiful Grandmothers my Mum and Aunties, was to always make time to put the kettle on and have a chat with a relative or friend. “Housework will wait, people come to see you not the house” I’ve […]