Trouble switching off?

If you are someone who has a little, or a lot of trouble switching off from your work, or worries then listen deeply to these wise words from Dr Craig Hassed (Author of The Essence of Health: The Seven Pillars of Wellbeing),

“You can switch off a machine, you can switch off an email, you can leave the office and go on a holiday – but it’s really about whether the mind has left work and switched off.  Very often we’re preoccupied.  It’s really not where we physically are, it’s where we mentally are that matters.  One of the most difficult things for a small business owner is to stop thinking about the business, but this kind of stress causes wear and tear on the body and mind, and reduces effectiveness in work and in life.  The good news is that training in mindfulness can help you find the ‘off’ switch.

The good news is that training in mindfulness can help you find the ‘off’ switch.

To enjoy our life we have to pay attention to it.  We need to foster sustainable performance to use our energy, time and resources in a more mindful and focused way rather than wasting them in stress.  We need to be ore self-determined in getting on with what we need to get on with at the right time.  Mindfulness helps us enjoy our life more, to find more meaning in our life and to help protect us from stress, anxiety and depression.” Dr Craig Hassed.

Whether it’s work or your worries, that’s preoccupying your mind the same outcomes and solutions apply.  If you haven’t experienced the many benefits of Mindfulness practices, which is different to knowing about them, I encourage you to do the powerful Part One Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop, exclusive to Being Mindful Matters, that is the foundation for the ‘Awakening to Your Own Awesomeness’ Program.  It includes how to change your relationship to worry, and experience spaciousness within.

“The image of Buddhist psychology is if you put a teaspoon of salt in a cup of water, it tastes very salty, but if you put the same spoon of salt in a lake, the water is pure and clear.  In the same way, you can make the heart more spacious and open and gracious so that fear and confusion are held in a spacious heart. ” Jack Cornfield

If you would like to experience being deeply relaxed and connected to your own heart and inner wisdom, and to learn practical ways to live mindfully, be more grounded, and enjoy more peace, calm and happiness in your life, then this is a great investment for you.  Check the Retreats / Wellbeing Programs under the Menu for upcoming dates and booking details.

“The more I learn and practice mindfulness and meditation the deeper my understanding of my Self and everything becomes, the more meaningful and sacred my life is. I truly hope all of the world discovers and experiences the many benefits of these powerful practices for themselves.” Jai



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