Surprise a loved one and send them a letter

Imagine how your loved one will feel when they go to their letter box expecting a hand full of bills and find amongst them your beautiful hand written letter.  It’s sure to put a big smile on their face and in their heart.


It seems such a shame that the days have passed for most of us to write a hand written letter, or to receive one.  It was such a simple pleasure in life, that isn’t expensive or hard to do. You could even teach your children, and get them to add a picture or story, so the tradition continues for generations to come.

Growing up I loved to receive letters from my Gran who would carefully cut out lots of flowers, hearts, animals, butterflies and other sweet pictures and decorate the envelope and paper she wrote my letter on.  They were and still are some of my most prized things I ever received.

You can imagine how heart warming it was, after my Gran passed away when my Aunty returned to me every letter I’d ever sent to my grandparents.  Kept perfectly, and treasured, in the exact same way I’d treasured mine.




Sending someone your blessings and good wishes is really powerful, and so easy to do. Next time you’re shopping, remember to get some stamps, envelopes and paper and pick someone to write to and tell them about what you’re up to, share a memory or simply tell them you were thinking of them and sending them your love.

The idea of sending something without expectations of what you should get in return is always best, but if you’re involving your young ones maybe try sending it to someone likely to send them a letter in return.  My kiddies love getting any letters in the mail.

I love how simple acts of kindness and being a mindful person, spreads compassion, love and joy. Doing everything you do mindfully with good intentions and lots of love helps you to become a more compassionate, content, kind and caring person.  Lead by example. Everyone benefits.

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