Stronger and brighter together

A little prayer on this beautiful Winters evening.

May the vision of a flame burning brightly remind us of our spirit within.

To teach us that we are stronger and brighter together.

To know we are not merely made up of skin and bones, it is our spirit that makes us who we are.

To remind us to show reverence for this gift of life we have been given.

To feel the love of our dear ones gone before us.

To remind us when it is dark outside, there is always light within.

To remind us we can be that light for others when their light is dim.

To realise all you ever need to be happy already lies within.

To remember our time is precious, so do what makes you happy.

May your flame burn brightly, and your spirit sing.

#SearchWithin #YouAreWorthy #ShineYourLight #BetterWorld #StrongerAndBrighterTogether


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