Story telling

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good story. Being in the company of a good story teller is gold. Listening to stories and telling stories, are both right up there, out of the many wonderful, simple things life offers that I most treasure.

Telling stories has always been a powerful way of educating, inspiring, using imagination, connecting people, handing down our personal stories, our ancestors stories, customs and cultural information for future generations, teaching others and our children everything we know.


Were you lucky enough to know a good story teller when you were growing up? I certainly was, in fact I was surrounded by them, and would never tire of listening to another good story. Like my Nan, I also love to tell a good story too, just ask my kiddies, or anyone who is happy to listen.

I think it’s really special if you take the time to tell your children fun stories.  I hear some parents say they don’t know what to say, so they prefer to read them books. I think reading books is also wonderful, but I know from my experience growing up, being told stories by my beautiful Nan who would often include me, my siblings, cousins and pets in her made up story, is extra special.

If you’re stuck for ideas for a story, you could get your children’s favourite friends to go on an epic adventure to a magical forest to find a magic gift from nature.  Pick names of towns they’re familiar with and hold a party there with lots of their favourite things, and after they’ve all had the best time at the party, you can send them home on a magic carpet so they can imagine looking down at the beautiful forest, beaches and country side.

If you’re still finding it tricky, try swapping the names and places in the book you’re reading to ones familiar with your little ones. Another thing to remember is story time can be anytime, not just at bedtime.  My children have all enjoyed stories in their home made cubby houses, around a fire, when visiting grandparents and in the car.

Taking it in turns to tell a story is also a lot of fun. As long as you’re prepared to hear lots of giggles from their favourite inclusions of poo, bum, and wee in your little ones stories, you’re sure to make many wonderful memories together.

Why not ask your elders to tell you their stories, I’m sure you’ll enjoy finding out something you didn’t know about them or your ancestors, and you can keep their story alive by telling it to your children.

Here’s to keeping the simple things in life, that are free, interesting, fun and full of goodness. #WeNeedStoryTellers #TellAStory #StoriesConnectUs #MagicCarpetsRule #ShareAGiggle #PooBumWee #SimpleThingsInLife #MakingMemories #BeingMindfulMatters


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