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Parents and Carers Programs

Stress Less Parenting Series – Parents & Carers Retreat
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Whether you are at the end of your tether or looking to add more tips to your parenting tool box, this One Day Parents Retreat is perfect for you.

The One Day Parents Retreat provides parents and carers with practical parenting tools, including how to turn around problematic behaviour, as well as the opportunity to relax, unwind, recharge and breathe deeply.

Being the parent you aspire to be is arguably the most challenging job on the planet, and I believe anyone arguing about it hasn’t had their children for long enough, or they don’t have any. Either way, the pressure and stress of parenting can zap your energy faster than you can refill it, and can leave you exhausted, deflated, frustrated and short tempered just to name a few.

Experience the benefits of being in an intimate class size with a maximum of 12 people, facilitated by an experienced Wellbeing Specialist who has extensive experience in Mindfulness as well as many years working as a behavioural coach helping people overcome obstacles and children to turn around extremely difficult behaviours.

Content includes:

>> How to reduce stress and increase happy hormones, giving you practical tips to take home and apply immediately.
>> Proven scientific findings on how to reduce stress and increase happy hormones naturally
>> Learn basic mindfulness practices that support you to stay calm and less reactive during stressful situations
>> Practical tips to help you develop a positive, resilient attitude
>> How to adapt to a way of thinking which deepens the emotional connections from child to parent
>> Learn the PACE parenting approach to help with problematic behaviours
>> Applying the ‘connection before correction’ model to turn around problematic behaviours
>> How to change your relationship to worry
>> How to help your child become a better listener
>> Setting boundaries that promote a harmonious environment
>> How to help your child destress and manage big emotions
>> Tuning in to the positives
>> Identify practical ways to overcome stressors, freeing you up to be the parent or carer you want to be, plus more!

More Information – Parents & Carers Retreat
Facilitated by: Wellbeing expert Jai Caulfield-Caruso
When: To Be Confirmed
Where: Brunswick and Wallan

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Parents & Carers Retreat – Coming Soon
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