As good on the inside

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere you will know that it’s not good for you to exist on junk food and be a lazy inactive person.  You will pay the price with poor health,  and are likely to put on excess weight.  According to an article published on 7/1/2015 at THE nation’s obsession with beating the bulge in 2015 is costing more than ever before Australians spend $8.5 billion a year on gym memberships, sports equipment, fitness fads – this equates to about $2340 per household a year, bla, bla, bla.

I wonder if keeping up with Joneses, being skinnier, and improving physical appearance is the main motivator to spend this amount of money.  Then I wonder how many of these skinnier, fitter people also choose to invest their time, energy and money on working on their mental health, on having a healthier, happier, calmer mind, and richer life.

Hmmmm, I believe the majority of people at these gyms are not investing any where near as much time, energy or money in what they can’t see on the outside, not realising it’s usually due to their thought patterns, and belief systems that they become inactive and over indulge on comfort foods, alcohol and other vices to get them that way in the first place and stop them doing what they know is good for them long term.

Exercise and healthy eating are fabulous, but are not everything. Be sure to think about how you can invest in your mental health and learn to feel as good on the inside as you may look on the outside. #HappyHearts #HealingHearts #LiveCourageously #ConnectedToSelf #ExperienceTheBenefitsForYourself #BeingMindfulMatters


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