Mix it up in the mornings

For the last five years our family have enjoyed a couple of weeks staying in Red Rocks, Phillip Island over the Christmas break.  On our most recent trip we decided to stay in the heart of Cowes and booked ourselves an apartment directly opposite the beach with a big balcony that overlooked the ocean.

Having never experienced staying so close to the ocean before I was in awe of the peace and calm that comes over you when you spend a lot of time watching and connecting to the ocean.  Each morning was exciting to think how lucky we were to wake up to this beautiful vista.  Being so close to the beach was spectacularly energizing and we really enjoyed spending every morning and evening outside on our balcony or at the beach.

On our return home I noticed how much more relaxed and energized I felt after this particular holiday in comparison to the others on the Island and got to thinking why that was and how I could continue to create this awesome feeling once we were miles away from any ocean, January was over, school went back and the dreaded, monotonous routine of getting kids ready for school arrived.

My ‘aha’ moment arose after a sweet meditation and thankfully it all became crystal clear.   Monotony is boring and a big energy zapper and yet that’s how we were starting most of our school days.  Any wonder our mornings waking up at the beach, eating brekky on our balcony getting lots of fresh air without a fixed routine were so incredibly joyous.

Start of the school year.

The message I received was to mix it up in the mornings and spend more time doing something fun, more time in nature and to be more creative.  Going on a little morning adventure can energize you for the rest of your day.  Variety is the spice of life after all.

Here are some of the ways our family have started to mix it up in the mornings:

  • We eat breakfast outside more often, whether in our own backyard, our local park or on wet days we enjoy a little picnic on our deck.
  • At least once a week we get up early and drive to our local pools for a morning swim before enjoying breakfast on our way to school.
  • We play fun music and have a dance together.
  • For the first time we went out for a special breakfast before school.


In Winter I’m sure we’ll get rugged up and go on ‘fog walks’ as my youngest daughter Belle called them a couple of years ago when she was only three.  Bless her cotton socks, she is still trying to figure out why she can see the fog in the distance but it disappears when she gets there.

Being more mindful of how we start our day has flowed on to the rest of our time and we are looking forward to experiencing many more fun adventures after school too.

I’d love to hear your ideas on how you could or already do mix it up in the mornings.  Feel free to comment on this post.  #ShareTheLove

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Peace and joy to you and your family.


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