Melt your heart moments

Can you remember the last time you had a ‘Melt your heart moment?’

I enjoyed a ‘melt your heart moment’ yesterday when I was out enjoying the sunshine with my youngest daughter Belle.

After playing pirates and swinging around like monkeys in a local park we practiced some yoga in the sun.  Just as I thought life couldn’t get any sweeter, I asked Belle (as I often do) what she was most grateful for right now, to which she replied “To share your love”.

‘Straight from the mouths of babes’.

To hear her words completely melted my heart and I’m sure I felt my heart double in size.  We can all encourage our children to grow up with a grateful attitude by example and by remembering to ask them regularly what they are grateful for.  Other mindfulness practices, such as being present in the moment, that adults often struggle with, is something young children usually do naturally, and is wonderful to watch.

There are Mindfulness practices that support young children to keep their mindful perspective and nurture their innate qualities of goodness, kindness, empathy and emotional intelligence.

If you would like to find out more about Mindfulness practices for yourself or your children, expressions of interest are now open for the Mindfulness Series for Kids via the KIDS PROGRAM menu and people are already booking in to the upcoming MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION WORKSHOP Part One for adults on website.

It’s so simple to register your interest for the Children’s Programs.  Once you’ve registered someone will contact you to fill you in on the amazing Mindfulness Series for Kids..

Being Mindful Matters ‘Mindfulness Programs’ provide teachings and practical life skills that support people of all ages to deal with life’s ups and downs.  #DoIt  #YouAreWorthy  #MindfulnessRocks   #MeltYourHeartMoments



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