Is there enough sleep happening in your house?

Are your sleep patterns supporting or stopping you to function at your best? 
We all know how much better we feel when we make the effort to get enough sleep for ourselves and our children, and we also know It’s way too easy to fall into bad sleeping habits.

Sundays are great days for planning the week ahead.  Why not make Sundays your time to check in if you’ve had enough sleep, and set the bedtimes for the upcoming week? Like anything we want to do, we need to put things in place to support our good intentions and make them happen.

Set a bedtime routine, which allows you some winding down time before bed.  We know it helps kids to get to sleep if you read to them or tell them a story , but do you know what helps you get to sleep?  Most of us do, we just need to do it.
Try also setting alarms in your phone to prompt you for bedtime rituals, and then your go to sleep time, which will help support you stick to the bedtimes you know are best for you and your children, to be happy, high functioning people. 
Wishing you all lots of peaceful sleep and sweet dreams.
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