How do you relate to stress?

Why do some people suffer more than others during the same stressful situation?  How many times have you stressed yourself out over things that in hindsight aren’t that important in your life? What are your children learning from you about how to manage stress during difficult situations?

How different could your life be if you knew how to stay calm and centred when a difficult situation arose? Being able to not let the big waves of stress knock you around, and wear you down, but rather being able to respond in a way that conserves your energy for making mindful choices and doing what needs to be done?  It is possible, and it is well worth your time and effort to reduce stress and improve the quality of your life.


To worry less and live more takes some understanding of how you relate to stress. The good news is, you can improve your stress levels by simply changing the way you see yourself in relation to a stressful situation.  And beyond that if you’re willing to get some help and do a bit of work, you can learn how to remain positive and steady amidst the storms that stressful situations can bring.

Tip 1:  Change the way you see yourself in relation to the ‘Stressful Situation’.

Picture a train going past on it’s tracks, with ‘Stressful Situation’ in big letters along the carriage.  Picture yourself watching this train from a distance, and acknowledge this train is carrying the current stressful situation on it.  See yourself as separate to the situation.

You can now observe the situation from a safe distance.  You need to understand and accept that it will not benefit the situation, or anybody, if you become absorbed by it.  Rather, choose to not board the ‘stressful situation’ train, but stay where you are and watch it from an objective stand point.  Be mindful to pick a comfortable place to watch it go by, to make it easier for yourself to remain calm and steady.

Stepping back to assess a stressful situation from a distance, allows you to be mindful, think clearly and decide if you need to do anything or simply observe the ‘stressful situation’ go past.   #WorryLess #LiveMore #BeMindful #DontBoardtheStressTrain #StressfulSituationsPass #LearnToStaySteady #WellbeingSpecialist #HelpsYouStressLess #YouAreWorthy #BeingMindfulMatters

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