How do you face uncertainty in life?

Did you know the power of mindfulness with the understanding of the nature of the mind, can free you from the fear, worry, anxiety and suffering experienced from facing uncertainty in life?

As uncertainty is always going to be part of our lives, it pays to learn how to protect your heart and mind and befriend uncertainty.

Those of you who have been learning and practicing mindfulness teachings for many years would know that the more you learn and practice, the more respect and gratitude you have for the art of living mindfully.  The more you do what you know, the more peace and joy you experience even in the face of uncertainty, and the more you want to learn and share with others.  The rewards you receive for even a small effort are priceless.

“Mindfulness teachings, and learning how to change my relationship to worry transformed my life”, Jai.  (Founder of Being Mindful Matters)

I’ve heard many people say they have tried meditating or mindfulness practices in the past and found it overwhelming.  Many saying they were surprised how busy their mind was and as they became more aware of their thoughts they didn’t know how to move past it, and without the right support to help them, were put off and gave up on their meditation and  mindfulness journey.

If this sounds like you or you tend to worry or stress too much, over-think, are highly critical or feel the need to control everything around you, then you would benefit greatly from participating in the dynamic *‘Awakening to Your Own Awesomeness Program’, where you learn or are refocused on mindfulness teachings as well as exploring the qualities of mind and heart needed to be able to live mindfully, in a very supportive environment. 

As well as covering the principles and origins of mindfulness, this unique program explores ancient teachings on how to protect your heart and mind, how patience is entwined in all spiritual practices, how to cultivate patience in your day to day activities, heal past hurts and how to listen with an awakened heart.

To deepen our understanding, love and connection to the Self and others, we need to learn to be present and truly accept what is (warts and all) which requires knowledge, a steady effort and a gracious heart.

An easy and fun mindfulness practice is to choose a Blessing Card for yourself and invite that blessing into your day.  Look for it in yourself, others, situations and enjoy the benefits.  It’s also a delightful way to teach your children these important qualities.

Add a daily blessing to your day. Blessing Cards will be gifted to you as a thank you for participating in Being Mindful Matters “Awakening to Your Own Awesomeness Program.

Don’t let anxiety and worry rob you of your most precious things in life, you have everything you need to be truly happy already inside you.  Learn how to let go of things that no longer serve you and connect to your true self and experience your own greatness.

Join us, sign up for our next Mindfulness series now, you will be very happy you did.

You Are Worthy.

Big Love,

Jai –Founder & Wellbeing Specialist

*The Awakening to Your Own Awesomeness Program is a series of workshops exclusive to Being Mindful Matters offered throughout Australia.

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