Counselling & Coaching

Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring

The mind is our most precious and valuable resource, through which we experience every single moment of life.
Is it time for you to focus on yourself, your career, your life, and awaken to your own awesomeness?
At Being Mindful Matters, our one on one sessions are tailored to meet your needs.

We provide you with support in many areas of your life including:

>> Tapping in to your hidden knowledge
>> Revealing your passions and planning your best future
>> Career guidance and support for job interviews
>> Uncovering the infinite pool of love within
>> Living an authentic life true to yourself
>> Learning how to integrate mindfulness practices into your life
>> Making mindful choices
>> Freeing yourself of the critical mind
>> Enjoying your relationships
>> Changing your relationship to worry, anxiety and stress
>> Healing your heart, letting go of past hurts
>> Building trust in yourself, others and life
>> Living courageously
>> Creating more room for joy in your life
>> Supporting you to increase your sense of wellbeing

More Information – Counselling & Coaching
One on one Consultations with Jai Caulfield-Caruso
Initial Consultation is 90 minutes – Cost $100
Followup Consultations are 60 minutes – Cost $80
Available in person in Wallan, Melbourne Victoria or as an online Skype video service

Email Jai here to find out how she can support you and experience the benefits for yourself.
If you prefer – you can call Jai directly on 0417 339 281

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